Adorned By You is a NYC based company that provides Arts & Jewelry making activities for specialized events. Our main focus is to encourage imagination & creativity thru self expression.


Our A-Team offers a fun and immersive event experience which include a large range of Activities from Arts & Crafts to designing & customizing your own Jewelry, Accessories & Apparel with our A-Team working directly with you, advising and assisting to help you actualize your perfect piece.

Our online Shop were you can find color-in apparel & purchase available finished handmade designs plus custom create your items.

At Adorned By You, we value the importance of your individual style. Our goal is to provide a fun & safe welcoming environment for children & adults alike to create together, memorable experiences and something special, Adorned By You. Contact Us and let's make it happen!


From a young age I have always been inspired to adorned and create. I moved to New York from Miami with dreams and aspirations. I have always kept an open mind to new opportunities and new people. I have had the experience & opportunity to work alongside creative individuals that have inspired and encouraged me to practice & nurture my passions, jewelry making, arts & crafts, hosting & working events. With the combination of all my favorite interest and my appreciation for joyful experiences. I decide why not create a space for all of us to have a chance to nurture our potential.

Ana Stephens


Our A-Team is a group of Artistic individuals whose primary desire is to guide clients and participants thru activities that encourage self expression!